People's Poll - What's your favorite IYV+10 video?:

December 5, 2010

Official poll closes, judges making final choice for IYV+10 video


Judges Making Final Decision On Winners
The votes for the first phase of the IAVE IYV+10 Video Competition have been counted, and now it is up to a panel of judges to deliberate on the final winners. Congratulations to the 17 entries that came out top in the popular vote! These videos - which are marked with a star before of their titles in the poll on the left hand sidebar of this page - now move to to the second and final phase of the competition, which will be decided by a group of expert judges. The two selected competition winners will be announced on International Volunteer Day, December 5.

Keep Voting For The Unofficial "People's Champion"
In the meantime, please show your appreciation for all 30 video entries by casting your votes in a "just-for-fun" competition to decide the unofficial "people's champion". The below videos come from Taiwan, Indonesia, Romania, Italy, Poland, Spain, Canada, the USA, and China (Hong Kong). Each shows a different vision for 2011 IYV+10. View the clips and choose your favorite in the poll on the LEFT HAND SIDEBAR of this page.

Please note that the official poll is now over, and the decision on who wins a trip to the IAVE Youth Volunteer Conference in Singapore in January 2011 will be decided by our panel of judges.

Read more about IAVE's IYV+10 video competition here, find out about the Singapore IAVE World Volunteer Conference here, and read more about IYV+10 here.

Happy Viewing, and Happy Voting!


1) GlobalCCC(Taiwanese and Bulgarian Volunteers), By Chuang, KunHan, 中正預校:


2) ☆ IYV+10 Video Competition By NTU WVS:


3) ☆ Service Version 11.0(Volunteer to Change your World), By Ruth Powell, Volunteer Center of Story County :


4) ZontaCare(國際崇她關懷八八風災忠誠營區服務計畫), By 陳慶展, 國際崇她社:


5) What do you need, By Antonio Morote:


6) If you were, By Antonio Morote:


7) ☆ We are always with you, By 鄭嘉玟, 高雄高商紅十字青少年服務隊:


8) ☆ Volunteer has no boundary, By Shierly Tanizar, I-DO NCTU International Volunteer:


9) ☆ 聽,心, By 黃友鉦, 土庫商工青年資訊志工


10) ☆ The League of Romanian Students Abroad(LSRS is growing for Romania's future), By Vasile Tiberiu Mitrea :


11) ☆ The Dream Team IYV+10, By Shannon Elliot, The Dream Team at the University of Western Ontario:


12)  TaiwanPeaceandArtVillage(泰武國際和平日活動), By 黃士展, 中正預校青年知識社:


13)  ykngood(中正預校青年知識社 - 綠首), By 謝岳倫, 中正預校青年知識社:


14) YKN MDV(Workshops at Military Dependent Village), By 黃浩淳, 台灣青年知識網路學會:


15)  中正預校參與泰武舉辦國際和平藝術村YKNCCC, By 張韡瀚, 中正預校青年知識社:


16) Green Heads in Ching-Yeh(綠首到原鄉), By 陳品臻, 高雄女中:


17)  Ready for next 10, By 林俊佑, 觀光數位有GO FUN:


18)☆ HEART TO HEART, By 伍致穎, Kaohsiung Girl's Senior High:


19) Support Volunteering now, By Tse Wan Kin:


20) Come and support volunteering - My speech in Hong Kong, By Tse Wan Kin:


21)☆ 柬不斷的回憶:


22) ☆ be a hero_be a volunteer, By Emilia Wojciechowska and Agata Kurek:



23) ☆ CLOWN THERAPY, By Emiliano Bivi:



24) ☆ 做一件讓世界更美好的事, By Aiting Wu:


25) ☆ Our Story, By Tsunghua Lin, 遠東科技大學:


26) 迴盪在0與1之間, By Minghsin Hsu, 南開科大應外系:


27) ☆ 分享愛 愛分享, By Fuchi Liao, 嶺東科技大學海外服務志工團2010愛在泰北茁壯:


28)☆ [IYV+10] Banepa Relay, By Cicada Lee, VYA-Taiwan Banepa Workcamp:



29)☆ 希望閱讀 給書一個家, By Fuchi Liao, 嶺東科技大學海外服務志工團2010愛在泰北茁壯:



30) ☆ IYV+10 Hong Kong: