July 13, 2010

The IAVE host meetings with the IAVE youth representative Mark Molloy

IAVE Youth Office



Mark Molloy from Scotland, the youth representative on the IAVE board, visited the IAVE Youth Office from June 25th-28th to have a working meeting with its director and the team of volunteers.

Mark worked together with the IYOC director Lluc Martí and IYOC vicedirector Meghann Villanueva for the strategic planning of the IYOC from 2010 on, exchanging information, updates and proposals to reinforce IAVE global leadership.

The meeting on the 25th of June was mainly focused in making progress in preparation for the next IAVE World Youth Volunteer Conference, to be held from January 21th-23th, 2011 in Singapore (hosted by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre).

The meeting with Mark on June 27th served to assess IYOC progress, exchange ideas and suggestions regarding the IYOC action plan and the upcoming IAVE annual board meeting, which will take place in Washington, USA, from July 22nd-26th 2010.

Mark met briefly with the networking officer Ilaria Badino and with the new international volunteers in the IYOC from the United States and from Taiwan (please see the news below).

Mark also met with the communication officer Israel Peralta, the information officer Kaisa Oim and the Arab regional coordinator Mohammed el Mehdi. After the meetings in the IYOC, Mark met with the former IAVE director- youth representative in the board Carlos Roca, who is candidate for the position of IAVE Vicepresident and board member of the Foundation Catalunya Voluntaria.

The FCV is the organization operationally responsible for the running of the IYOC with the support of the Catalan Government-Generalitat de Catalunya.