July 12, 2010

May 2010




    ●  From the World President
    ●  The Nominating Committee 
    ●  Timetable for the Elections
    ●  Call for Nominations
    ●  Rules for Nominations
    ●  The Nominations Form 




Dear Friends:

It is both a privilege and a responsibility of membership to participate in the selection of members of IAVE’s board of directors.  Today, I am inviting you to join in the first step of this year’s elections – the nominations of potential candidates for regional representatives to the board.

The board of directors is the policy-making body for IAVE, setting strategic direction and program priorities.  It is broadly representative of our worldwide membership.  The board meets annually.  Board members also take on individual assignments – representing IAVE in their respective regions, serving on committees, developing our network of national representatives, and building our membership.

This is a very important election as we will be filling six positions on the board.  I urge you to think carefully about whether you would like to stand for election – and, if so, to nominate yourself or if you wish to nominate someone else.

Thank you!

Dr. Kang-Hyun Lee
World President


Mark Molloy, Youth Representative to the IAVE Board, has been appointed by the Executive Committee as chair of the Nominating Committee.  Other board members serving are Patricia Nabti, Regional Representative from the Arab Nations, and Debbie Huang, who represents the National Representatives on the board.  Kathi Dennis, IAVE Executive Director, serves as an ex officio member.  Staff support is provided by Kenn Allen.


May 25 Call for Nominations sent to all members in the regions where elections are being held.
June 30 Nominations due back by air mail, fax or email.
July 31 Only members current as of this date are eligible to vote.
August 1 All candidates will be provided with contact information for eligible voters in their regions.
August 15 Voting ballots distributed to all current members in regions with elections.
September 30 Voting ballots due back by air mail, fax or email.
October 15 Election results announced.
January Newly elected members attend board meeting and World Conference in Singapore.


We are seeking nominations for the following:

    ● Regional representative from Africa from French-speaking nations
           o The incumbent, Honore Sietso, is eligible to stand for re-election.

    ●Two regional representatives from Asia-Pacific
           o The incumbents, Kylee Bates and Dr. Amelita Dayrit-Go, are eligible to stand for re-election.

    ● Regional representative from Europe
           o The incumbent, Colette Robert, has served the maximum consecutive terms and is not eligible to stand for

    ● Regional representative from Latin America
           o The incumbent, Maria Teresa Gnecco, has served the maximum consecutive terms and is not eligible to stand for

    ● Regional representative from North America
           o The incumbent, David Styers, was elected by the board to fill an unexpired term and is eligible to stand for election
              in his own right.

Nominations must be submitted on the Nomination Form at the end of this newsletter no later than June 30, 2010.

Nominations may be submitted as follows:

By email: iave@civilsocietyconsulting.com
By fax: 202-330-4597
By air mail:

Dr. Kenn Allen
Civil Society Consulting Group
805 15th Street NW, Suite 100
Washington DC 20005


You may only nominate candidates for regional representative from your own region.  Thus, this year, nominations for regional representatives will only be accepted from currently paid members in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America for people in their respective regions.

Nominees must conform to the highest ethical standard of behavior throughout the election process.

Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

To submit a nomination for regional representative, please use the attached nominating form.

Under the policy established by the board of directors at its 1997 meeting, the Nominating Committee will review the qualifications of the candidates and may recommend the nominees whose qualifications, in the judgment of the Nominating Committee, best meet the following criteria:

     • The candidate’s qualifications to represent his/her country and region
     • The candidate’s capability to enlarge IAVE’s international network
     • The candidate’s demonstrated commitment to IAVE and its goals
     • The candidate’s experience in the volunteer field
     • The candidate’s ability to fulfill the position as described.

Requirements for board members include:

     • Acting in the best interest of IAVE and as an ambassador for the organization in their region;
     • Maintaining oversight for IAVE’s work, planning, finances and resources, legislative requirements, etc.;
     • Attending board meetings and bringing reports of activities in their region and their  work for IAVE;
     • Ability and willingness to communicate regularly by email;
     • Contributing to the work of board committees;
     • Encouraging membership growth;
     • Recruiting, recommending for appointment and providing support to National Representatives for their region;
     • Providing information on IAVE’s work to their region;
     • Acting as a point of contact for IAVE and its members in their region;
     • Facilitating the organization of regional meetings and/or biennial regional conferences. 


The official nomination form follows beginning on the next page.  If you wish to make a nomination, please complete all sections and all questions, returning it per the instructions above by June 30, 2010.

Election of Regional Representatives
2010 Nomination Form 

Please complete a separate form for each nomination submitted.

I.  For what office are you making a nomination?

 _____Regional Representative from Africa (French-speaking country)

 _____Regional Representative from Asia-Pacific

 _____Regional Representative from Europe

 _____Regional Representative from Latin America

 _____Regional Representative from North America

Are you nominating yourself ___ or nominating someone else ___?

II.  Who are you nominating?

Name of Nominee:

If the nominee is affiliated with an organization (NGO, business or government), please indicate the name of that organization and the title of the nominee in it:

Email Address:

Mailing Address:

City, State/Province/District/Postal Code/Country:



III.  Who are you? (Complete only if nominating someone else.)

Your Name:

Email Address:

Mailing Address:

City, State/Province/District/Postal Code/Country:



IV.  Commitment to Serve if Elected

Nominees must indicate, in writing, their willingness to stand for election and to serve if elected.  Those statements must be received – at the same address to which nominations are made – by June 30, 2010.

A.  If this is a self nomination, please respond to the following questions:

1.  Do you understand the expectations of IAVE board members and agree to commit yourself to meeting those expectations?

Yes_____ No_____

2.  Are you a current member of IAVE?

Yes_____ No_____

B.  If you are nominating someone else, please respond to this question:

Has the nominee been contacted about submitting a letter of intent?

Yes_____ No_____

If not, please do so at once.  The letter should indicate that: he or she accepts the nomination, is or will become a member in good standing of IAVE at the time of the election, understands the expectations for IAVE board members, is prepared to accept the terms of office for a Regional Representative of the Board, and is committed to the vision, values and goals of IAVE.

V.  Why is this nominee qualified to serve in this office?  Please attach a statement that responds to each of the following items:

1. Please provide information about the nominee relevant to the criteria for selection (institutional and individual credibility at national and/or regional levels in the field of volunteerism, experience at managerial level and/or as a member of board of directors).

2. Please explain why you or your nominee is highly qualified to serve as a director, in terms of IAVE’s need for board members who have national, regional or international credibility in the area of volunteerism, are experienced managers and/or board members and are committed to IAVE’s mission.

3. Please include a statement about the nominee that will be distributed with the voting ballot to IAVE members eligible to vote. Maximum length 150 words; longer statements will be edited for length.

In addition, nominees may submit supplementary material that supports his or her candidacy.  The material may include examples of the candidates’ professional and volunteer work; examples of their leadership, management and outreach skills; statements of support from others; pictures or reports; etc.  Written material should not exceed 600 words. 

All nominating material will be posted on IAVE’s website prior to the election.