April 28, 2010

Be a volunteer building houses in Chile

IAVE Youth Office

At a meeting celebrated on April 19, with representatives of 13 Universities and of "A Roof for Chile" (Un techo para Chile-UTPCH), it was agreed that for one week, thousands of students are going to build houses in the areas affected by the earthquake. Since the earthquake last February 27 until April 13, UTPCH has built 6719 houses in 5 regions in Chile with the help of more than 20 thousand volunteers, most of them young people, and with the collaboration of Universities, corporations, government and even the army.

After the successful meeting, Rolando Kelly, head of Andres Bello University declared: “Meeting served to deliver the effort of all our students to collaborate in the reconstruction of the country through the remarkable work UTPCH is currently doing".

Felipe Berríos, founder of Un techo para Chile, mentioned: “ This is an opportunity to rebuild the country with the help of our young people. We are interested that Universities see that their participation in building houses is a unique learning experience as well. With strong commitment, they are showing that the country is united”. Patricio Domínguez, social director of UTPCH added: “We don't want any student loosing the experience (..) We want to end with the construction of 20 thousand houses before May finishes and making that possible with a great Universitarian movement will be the ideal".

UTPCH is a youth led organisation of volunteers committed to the vision of Latin America without extreme poverty, with young people committed to the real challenges in their countries, where all the families could have a house and access to opportunities to improve their lives. The organization was founded in Chile in 1997 as a leader of a well-known movement which resulted in a sustainable youth led volunteer network - A Roof for My Country- Un Techo Por Mi País. Nowadays it is operating in 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Invitation to build houses is always open for all young people willing to reconstruct the country. For more information about UTPCH and how to be of help, please visit their website: http://www.untechoparachile.cl/

For more information about A Roof for My Country network, please visit their website: