March 31, 2014

Global Companies Volunteering Globally


Vision: A world in which community needs are better met because of international companies releasing the energy, passion and talent of their employees in the communities where they do business.

Mission: IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council is a network for leaders of international employee volunteer programs. It aims to showcase good and promising practices in corporate volunteering, and raise awareness of the impact of employee engagement in communities around the world. The GCVC provides resources to inspire, support and encourage opportunities for collaboration between companies as well as partnerships between business, governments and NGOs.

Launched: November, 2006 at the IAVE World Volunteer Conference in New Delhi, India.  Founding members include the Walt Disney Company, Samsung, UPS, Vale, Citi and Levi Strauss & Co. Current members (in addition to the Founding Members) include: Adobe Systems; American Airlines; Amway; ArcelorMittal; AXA; BD; C & A; Credit Suisse; EDP; Eli Lilly and Company; EMC; Google; Hilton Worldwide; HP;  HSBC; IBM; Intel; Intuit; Manulife Financial; Marsh & McLennan; Medtronic; MetLife; Microsoft; Mondelez International; Monsanto; Motorola Mobility; Nike; Novo Nordisk; Pfizer; Pimco; Prudence Foundation; RBC (Royal Bank of Canada); RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland);; Standard Chartered Bank; Starbucks; State Street Corp.; Telefonica; UBM; UBS, and Western Union.

Membership in GCVC: $5,000 USD annually. 

For more information about the benefits of joining GCVC and the application form click here.

Conference Calls and Webinars: GCVC has conference calls several times during the year and webinars twice per year on a variety of inspiring topics of interest to leaders of global employee engagement and volunteer programs.

Meetings: GCVC has at least two meetings per year. Since its launch, the G-CVC has held meetings for its members in New Delhi, Bonn, Panama City, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, San Francisco, Paris, New York City, London (2X), Singapore, Beirut, New Orleans, Berlin, Chicago and Washington DC. These meetings generally take place in conjunction with IAVE events or other volunteer-related meetings and events.

IAVE Conferences: IAVE World Volunteer Conferences have been held every two years for more than 40 years unbroken. The 22nd IAVE World Volunteer Conference was held in London, England in December, 2012. The focus was on corporate volunteering and was a tremendous success. In-depth topics were discussed (and reports to be published) on issues such as company-NGO partnerships in disaster, how corporate volunteering is impacting the issue of youth and unemployment, girls empowerment and education, and new ways to look at skills-based volunteering. The 23rd IAVE World Volunteer Conference will be held September 17-20, 2014 – in Gold Coast, Australia!

Additionally, IAVE holds Regional Conferences in the years between the World Volunteer Conference. In 2013, those conferences will be held in Ecuador, Oman, Macau and Rwanda.

Global Corporate Volunteering Research: In 2011 and 2012, IAVE/GCVC produced two groundbreaking research works in the field of employee volunteering, bringing new knowledge and inspiring examples and models of the myriad ways these programs are carried out throughout the world. The first was a report entitled Global Companies Volunteering Globally, and was followed by the book entitled The Big Tent: Corporate Volunteering in the Global Age. IAVE and the GCVC will continue to strive to develop and bring important and current resources to the field in the coming years.

Global Corporate Volunteering Awards: At the London IAVE World Volunteer Conference in 2012, the first IAVE Global Corporate Volunteering Awards were presented. The second round of these awards will be presented at the IAVE World Volunteer Conference in Australia, 2014.

IAVE: The mission of IAVE (the International Association for Volunteer Effort) is to foster a culture of volunteering worldwide in order to build a more fair, peaceful, inclusive and compassionate world. It is the only organization that exists to support, promote and celebrate volunteering around the world in the innumerable ways that volunteering occurs. The IAVE network includes volunteer leadership organizations, NGOs, businesses and individuals from 70+ countries. The GCVC is a major component of IAVE’s larger corporate strategy and way of interacting with businesses the world over that are giving back to the communities where they do business.  Learn more at

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